Over 20 Million Children Will be Hungry—But You Can Help!

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Did you know that over 20 million children face the threat of hunger this summer? As school meal programs close for the summer, many families struggle to provide the extra meals their children need. That’s why Answers in Genesis is partnering with Children’s Hunger Fund to meet real, physical needs, while providing the hope of the Gospel, to families right here in the United States!

Our friends over at CHF recently shared this story with us:

In south-central San Antonio, Texas, Christina and Victor live with her parents and their four children. It’s a lot of people under one roof, but it’s what they must do to make ends meet.

Jazlynn and Jacob, the two oldest kids, receive free breakfast and lunch at school each day. This is a huge weight off the shoulders of their parents, who struggle to earn an income that will provide for all their family’s needs.

During summer, national school meal programs close. Jazlynn and Jacob’s parents must provide 20 more meals each week. They’re simply not sure how they’ll do it.

Church volunteers make regular visits to deliver Children’s Hunger Fund Food Paks to the family. Spaghetti and cereal are Jacob’s favorite foods to eat out of the FoodPak. The women in the family appreciate the cooking oil that allows them to prepare favorite meals like tacos, rice, and fideo.

With the financial hardships faced by Victor and Christina, Food Paks have been an answered prayer. Over time, a trusted relationship with the pastor has grown. Each visit brings not only a delivery of food, but a delivery of hope with the message of the Gospel.

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Children's Hunger Fund Food Paks Have Blessed Victor, Christina, and their family.

You can help families just like Victor and Christina and their children. Help us raise enough money to provide one million meals—a meal only costs $0.25! You can help us through your Vacation Bible School program, Sunday school, or with your family. Our Answers VBS programs feature a mission moment with Children’s Hunger Fund (see the Assembly Guide for more information).

Let’s make this a Summer of Hope, not hunger. Give today at ChildrensHungerFund.org/aig.

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