Providing Hope and Help to Earthquake Survivors in Mexico

by Answers VBS September 21, 2018

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We’re thankful for our partnership, through our Answers VBS, with Children’s Hunger Fund. This amazing ministry provides hope and help in Christ’s name. They don’t just meet the physical needs of children and families around the world, but they also share the good news of the gospel through local pastors and Christians, making an eternal impact on those they are helping.

One of their many outreaches has been to those suffering in Central Mexico due to the earthquake last September. This outreach has met the physical needs of many hurting people and has resulted in people coming to Christ and growing spiritually. Here’s an exciting update on this outreach:

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Central Mexico on September 19, 2017. After weeks of search and rescue efforts ended, 369 people lost their lives. In response to the earthquake, Children's Hunger Fund (CHF) sent their first-ever container of food to Mexico City. 1900 Food Paks and other resources were delivered to people in need through the Children’s Hunger Fund Mercy Network churches in the area. CHF currently has 17 churches in their Mexico Mercy Network. CHF is grateful for the many people who donated and made it possible for food and the gospel to be delivered in the midst of a disaster.

As a result of the earthquake, a town five miles north of Mexico City, named Jojutla, had a great amount of damage. Pastor Carlos Flores, from Christ’s Bible Church in Cuernavaca responded to the need for food and resources in Jojutla. 500 people were coming on a weekly basis to receive food. They were not only receiving physical resources for their families, but they also heard the gospel being preached. After months of attending Christ’s Bible Church, many people became believers in Jesus. As a result of this disaster, 15 dedicated believers in Jesus have become a remnant. These 15 people are now planting a new church in the city of Jojutla to be a constant source of hope for those in need.

CHF Visit
CHF Visit

The CHF International Ministry Director recently visited Jojutla and was able to speak with two different families who endured life threatening experiences after the earthquake struck their towns. A woman named Veronica was cleaning a house when the earthquake struck. Her two youngest children ages four and two years old, were with her that day. The house collapsed on top of them, and they were trapped under the rubble. She was not able to reach her four year old daughter, but could only call out to her cries as they waited for hours for someone to rescue them. Veronica and her family currently live on the street in a tent, as a result of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The family fears that living inside a home or structure is too dangerous. They are also coping with the aftermath of their physical injuries. CHF has been able to assist the children with medical evaluations for both of their head injuries. They are praising God for saving their lives and continuing to provide for their needs.

Another family had their stove on when the earthquake hit, causing it to explode. The home was left in ruins, but they continue to live in it. A visit with this family opened the door to the gospel message being shared. A young girl named Isabelle received a Bible, she understands that mercy is given freely, but it is costly. Isabelle said, “Yes, it was a price of blood.” There are many stories of how this earthquake has grown spiritual fruit in the cities and people in Central Mexico. CHF continues to partner with their Mercy Network churches that are doing the hand delivery of Food Paks and the gospel. CHF continues to ask for prayers for all of the people whose lives have been impacted by this disaster. Children’s Hunger Fund hopes that through times of trouble, we can meet physical needs and bring hope in Jesus.

Poverty Encounter, Coming December 2018

To help open eyes to the needs of children and families both here in America and around the world, Children’s Hunger Fund is creating an immersive, interactive experience called Poverty Encounter. This experience is opening in Los Angeles, California, this December, and CHF hopes it will ignite a passion in both children and adults for the hungry.

Thank you to all who have chosen CHF at their mission moment during their VBS program. The money your children donated has helped to feed children in situations like these and bring the gospel to many! Learn more at

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