Gold Rush VBS Treasure Hunt-Day 5

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Looking for a way to keep your kids occupied before your VBS begins? Give them a copy of this treasure hunt and let them loose!

Tidbits for the Trail Treasure Hunt Day Five

Yee-haw! Welcome back to Vacation Bible School, buckaroos. On your last day’s treasure hunt, you are going to follow some trivia from the trail and find some fun stuff.

Once again, stay away from the pond and the parking lot. You may work alone or in a group. If you are working alone, complete the number of items that corresponds with your age (find seven if you are seven, twelve if you are twelve, etc.). If you are working as a group, find at least twelve. You have until 6:15 pm to complete the hunt and bring your items and list back to the prize table. One prize per team member. No prizes will be given after 6:15 pm, so go as quick as a jackrabbit. You may begin!

  1. Eureka! This means “I found it!” Find something gold.
  2. Empty cup of coffee – On the trail, everyone drank coffee—even children!
  3. Potato chips – Potato chips are quite different from the chips that were on the trail. They were buffalo chips (droppings from buffalo). Travelers on the trail used them instead of firewood since they couldn’t find wood on the prairies.
  4. Sky a copper – This means to toss a penny, so find a penny and toss it up.
  5. Grasshopper – People on the trail would grind up grasshoppers, mix them with water and cornmeal, and fry them into cakes. Does that sound good to you?
  6. Glass of water – Water was so scarce at times on the trail, people would sometimes pay as much as $100 for a glass.
  7. Skunk eggs – This means onions, so find something with onions in it.
  8. Someone with a gold filling in his mouth – Dentists use gold for filling teeth because it stayed germ-free and good as new.
  9. Small shovel – If you want to dig for gold, just know that most of the gold is still in the earth (80%).
  10. Four small fry – Small fry are young children. Have four of them sign this paper.
________________        ________________

________________        ________________

11. Gold necklace – Gold is first mentioned in the Bible in the second chapter of Genesis and is mentioned more than any other metal in the Bible. 12. Soft tack – This means bread. Find a piece of bread. 13.  Left shoe – There were no right or left shoes for pioneer children. They just set them out after they wore them, and the shoes gradually bent into the shape of the child’s feet, becoming more comfortable. 14.  Togs – This means clothing. Find a piece of clothing. 15.  Go into the necessary and get a paper towel – Pioneers called outhouses (bathrooms) the necessary.

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