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Looking for creative ideas, have Answers VBS questions, or just want to connect with other Answers VBS directors and volunteers? Join our Answers VBS Discussion Group on Facebook!

This closed group has over 2,000 members who share ideas, photos, tips, and more with one another. The creativity we see in the group is incredible! We love seeing VBS directors and volunteers from across the country, sharing ideas, connecting with one another, and also praying for each other. Churches even find other churches in their area and share décor and surplus supplies to help other congregations stay on budget.

You can join the group anytime by clicking on the "Join" button and then answering the question that pops up. Be sure to answer the question so that we know you're associated with an Answers VBS program (we want to protect those in the group by keeping out spammers). Once you’ve been approved by the administrators, begin posting your own photos to share your set design ideas or asking questions of the group and admins.

Join the conversation today on Facebook. We look forward to interacting with you there!

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