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Are you new to directing a VBS program? Wondering where to begin? Well, we asked VBS directors on our Answers VBS Facebook page to share their best tips on directing a VBS. The top three tips were:

  1. Pray
  2. Plan early
  3. Have a solid, organized game plan

Here are their tips in their own words:

  • I directed ours for many years. There were two things I constantly stressed: strive for clear and consistent communication with the volunteers and parents, and be diligent to stay organized to avoid chaos. When workers know exactly what’s expected of them, and parents are well informed about schedule, drop off and pick-up locations, etc., it will avoid confusion and chaos.
  • Make notes at the end of your VBS year for things you’d like to do differently the following year. Help make every year better and better!

    But mostly, just love on those children and show them (not just tell them) how much Jesus loves THEM!

  • Have a checklist to mark off what you can do early. Use the scene setters. These have been a lifesaver for us.
  • Pray with intention. Pray for answers. Pray for guidance.
  • Plan early and thoroughly. Then, you can focus on the kids during program times because you have things organized & ready to go. However, advise everyone to be flexible because things never go 100% as planned.
  • Make everyone feel & know they are important & loved by God & you. Make sure everyone serving in VBS can and will share the gospel, through loving words of truth & kind actions, without distractions, looking into faces every day.
  • Don’t assume the people that have been in the same role year after year don’t want/need a break. I’ve seen many good volunteers get burned out.
  • Try to recruit two people per area (crafts, Bible, drama, etc). Find out what your volunteers do well and let them run with that. Then focus on the things that are left. You got this!
  • Stay in prayer for wisdom. Trust experienced helpers. Plan and organize early, like now, and then be flexible. Don't feel as though you have to do everything in the curriculum. Pick your priorities and assign those.

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