Seven Ways Digital Makes VBS Easier

by Answers VBS March 11, 2020

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Have you upgraded your Answers VBS Super Starter Kit or Starter Kit to Digital Pro? More and more churches are upgrading to Digital Pro because it makes their VBS planning so much easier and more efficient. You’ll enjoy having everything right at your fingertips, on any device, and easily sharable with other leaders. As one new VBS user shares, “This is my first year with the added digital, and I LOVE having it on all my devices. I can access work anywhere!”

Here are seven ways Digital Pro makes your VBS planning, and VBS week itself, so much easier:

  1. Everything in one place. All your guides, music, videos, schedules, registrations, contact info, and more are all found in one easy-to-access tool.
  2. Team access. Teachers and leaders can access their lessons from anywhere on any device.
  3. Fast searching. Quickly search all of the guides in your digital library!
  4. Available anywhere, in any device. Access your tools and resources on any internet-connected device (phone, tablet, or computer).
  5. Printer-friendly. Everyone on your team can print their own lessons, handouts, and worksheets.
  6. Online registration. Register your students and volunteers with ease!
  7. Safe and Secure. Keep all your student and volunteer information securely stored.

To enjoy all of these benefits, and more, order your kit with Digital Pro at Already have your kit? You can still upgrade to Digital Pro at

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