Creature Feature Videos Are Back for Zoomerang

by Answers VBS February 10, 2022

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve brought back Creature Feature videos for our 2022 Answers VBS, Zoomerang: Returning to the Value of Life. Kids will love meeting exciting Australian animals, including the kangaroo, the platypus, the koala, the dingo, and coral, in these five-minute or shorter feature videos.

Kyle, one of our popular Discover programs presenters at the Creation Museum, presents each animal along with fun sound effects, animations, pictures, and videos. Kids will love them! You can find all five videos on our YouTube channel or watch the first one below:

We’re so excited for Zoomerang VBS as kids not only explore Australia and meet some of the incredible creatures that live there, but, more importantly, discover the value of life—from the tiniest unborn person to the oldest person—and the gospel message. Learn more at

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