Jason Suhr

Jason Suhr

Bible Acceleration Director, Deaf Bible Society

Jason graduated from the Deaf Missions Training Program where he and his wife, Mistie, were studying to become missionaries. He currently serves as the Bible Acceleration Director at Deaf Bible Society, traveling frequently around the world promoting and partnering to see the development of Bible translations in the native languages of Deaf people be developed. Being Deaf himself, Jason is very aware of the lack of biblical understanding among Deaf people around the world. He is honored that now, through the work of Deaf Bible Society and many other Deaf led organizations, he is able to share the Word of God with more Deaf people than he previously thought possible. Jason and his wife also have a passion to help Deaf orphans and have travelled to Kenya, Africa to see what the needs are for some Deaf orphans there. They are currently still involved with those orphans through a nonprofit group and look forward to one day visiting them again.


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