Gideon is a multifaceted person with a heart for God. He has been acting his whole life, and he enjoys coming to the revelation of the mysteries of the Most High God. As a Deaf person, God had graced him with an opportunity to perceive the world through a microcosm which is his Deaf community. He received his bachelor’s degree in biology with a theater arts minor from Gallaudet University in 2019. Gideon loves Deaf people from all over the world, especially in India. He acknowledges the Deaf community’s lack of accessibility to biblical wisdom that is prevalent among hearing people. Gideon says, “Sign language is when you see Jesus instead of just hearing him, and in that, Jesus is manifest in the eye of the beholder.” He refuses to settle for a 3D concept but requires a 5D concept even when there might not be one. Gideon is a proud husband to Colleen Firl who happens to be a gorgeous and talented interpreter. They reside together in New York with their corgi McGregor.


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