Amy Spreeman

Amy Spreeman

Speaker, Journalist

Amy is the founder of Berean Research and Naomi’s Table Bible Studies for Women and cohosts a weekly podcast for women called A Word Fitly Spoken. She and her husband of 36 years are empty nesters and live in rural Wisconsin with their dog and some chickens.

Growing up in an unchurched home, she was fascinated with the cult craze of the ‘70s. After the Lord saved her in the late 1990s, she got caught up in the seeker-friendly church model and worked as a communications director for a large church. God graciously opened her eyes during that time, and she started researching movements within the visible church after learning firsthand how devastating those aberrant gospels can be.

In 2010, she helped launch a one-hour live Christian discernment radio program called Stand Up for the Truth and spent five years reporting on apostasy happening in churches around the world. When she speaks at conferences and women’s groups, she helps them use Scripture to discern between truth and error and points them to the hope of Jesus Christ.


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