Emily Thomes

Emily Thomes

Blogger and Speaker

Emily Thomes is an avid Facebooker, occasional blogger and speaker, and member of Texarkana Reformed Baptist Church. After her radical conversion in 2014, she left a life of homosexuality and other rebellion and began sharing the gospel and her testimony with anyone that would hear her. God used social media to spread the news of His salvation in her life worldwide. Emily began receiving requests to write and speak with various ministries, churches, schools, sharing her testimony and pointing to the good news of salvation. Emily’s gracious but firm hold to the truth has also encouraged individuals struggling with maintaining a biblical worldview in today’s culture to contact her, and God continues to use her presence on social media to engage those people and point them to Christ. It’s her goal to equip and serve the Church however the Lord allows. Emily is a stay at home wife and new mom to a little girl named Dorothy.

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