Kristin gave up any claim to tact long ago. She finds it easier just to say things as they are. That’s also one of the things she loves about Scripture—its ability to speak directly to the point, to deliver truth into our lives. As a label for her performance ministry, she hopes that “OUTSPOKEN” will remind her to never apologize for her faith or convictions, as well as inspire others to speak God’s truth boldly.

Beginning with writing, directing, and performing dramas for the small country church in which she grew up, Kristin has always loved to tell the stories of Scripture creatively. After graduating from Cedarville University with majors in Theatre Performance and Worship Ministry, she decided to combine her passions through Biblical performance, beginning with a word-for-word dramatization of the Book of Ruth.

Though she has had the chance to teach, direct, design, and act in various productions, Kristin treasures the knowledge that when she performs Scripture, she has the privilege of speaking out absolute truth.


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