Jason Carlson

Jason Carlson

Pastor, President of Christian Ministries International, and Author

Rev. Jason Carlson is the president of Christian Ministries International, an organization devoted to evangelism and equipping Christians to share their faith with those in cults, world religions, and false philosophies. Jason assumed the leadership of CMI with the passing of his father, Dr. Ron Carlson, in June 2011.

Jason’s ministry outreach has taken him to 30 countries on six continents, speaking and teaching in churches, conferences, schools, universities, and seminaries. Jason is a gifted communicator with a keen intellect. He clearly and lovingly communicates the biblical Christian worldview in response to contemporary cultural challenges facing the church, the various world religions, and false philosophies such as Darwinian naturalism and postmodernism.

He is a graduate of Bethel University, having majored in philosophy and biblical theology and has his master’s degree in philosophy and Christian worldview from Bethel Theological Seminary in St. Paul, MN. His travels include two study tours in Israel and the Middle East.

Jason has appeared on numerous national radio programs and has also contributed to a number of book projects.

In addition to his ministry with CMI, Jason serves as the senior pastor at Lakes Free Church in Lindstrom, MN. He has also taught as an adjunct instructor for Bethel Theological Seminary in St. Paul, MN, and the University of Northwestern-St. Paul.


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