Debbie Meador

Debbie Meador

Pastor’s Wife, Author, Speaker

Debbie Meador has been married to her husband Brett for 34 years. She is a dedicated pastor’s wife and mom who remains passionate about encouraging mothers and all women to boldly walk in God’s design, and recognize their freedom to integrate the Word of God into daily parenting and the raising of our future generations. This mission Debbie fully embraces as a part of the Great Commission in Mark 16:15 to “go into all the world and make disciples,” understanding that the first priority is to make disciples within our own homes.

Debbie and her husband Pastor Brett Meador have three adult children who attest with much gratitude that taking God at His Word is indeed the best plan for living.

Debbie has authored the recent Bible Study, “Choose Life”, which reflects this mindset and provides the opportunity to not only learn the practical biblical principles of parenting, but also gives a reset in your own personal walk with Christ.

Today the Meador family continues to stand firm and run the race of winning people to Christ as they minister at Athey Creek Christian Fellowship in Portland Oregon, as well as the surrounding area and community.


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