Pastor Lloyd Pulley

Pastor Lloyd Pulley

Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Old Bridge

Lloyd Pulley has served as Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Old Bridge (CCOB) in central New Jersey for over 38 years.

Pastor Lloyd led his church beyond their prayer and protests over abortion to expand their pro-life mission to rescue and redeem the lives of babies and their moms. Amid COVID shutdowns, CCOB’s Bridge Women’s Center launched its first Save the Storks mobile medical unit to intercept women in front of abortion clinics across the state. Nearly 800 babies have been rescued since May of 2020, and many men and women have heard and believed the gospel.

Under Pastor Lloyd’s leadership, several other notable ministries have been established, including:

  • Bridge Christian Radio that potentially reaches seven million listeners in NY/NJ/PA areas
  • Calvary Christian School, a discipleship-based Pre-K–12th grade private school
  • Northeast Biblical Institute which offers accredited biblical education
  • Virtue’s Campus, an affordable church college and dual-enrollment program to equip students with a fully accredited associate’s degree

Pastor Lloyd is also the author of several books: Everyday Conversations: Eternal Impact; Under His Influence: Yielding to the Work of the Holy Spirit; and the Be Still 30-Day Devotional released through his ministry, Bridging the Gap with Pastor Lloyd.

He can be heard daily on the Bridging the Gap with Pastor Lloyd radio program and on weekdays on Bridge Bible Talk, a national live call-in program, answering questions on the Bible and Christian living.

Pastor Lloyd and his wife, Karen, have two children (one with the Lord) and five grandchildren.


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