John G. Elliott

John G. Elliott

Artist, Composer, and Worship Leader

John G. Elliott is a man dedicated to the Kingdom of God. He uses his gifts of songwriting, music composition, worship leading, and teaching for that purpose. He believes his highest call is to his family.

John has been the recipient of a Dove Award and has been nominated for eight other Dove Awards as producer, arranger, and songwriter. In 2004 the Steinway & Sons Piano Company welcomed John to their International Roster of concert & recording artists. His songs appear in hymnals and have been recorded by such artists as Ricky Skaggs, Bruce Carroll, Steve Green, Sandi Patti, Pat Boone, Truth, First Call, and many others. John is current working on the Revelation Project, which features the book of Revelation put to orchestral music and beautiful imagery.

John and Carol Elliott reside in Kansas City, MO. Their five adult children, five spouses, and six grandchildren are involved in ministry throughout the USA and internationally.


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