Leigh Bortins

Leigh Bortins

Teacher, Author, and Commentator

Leigh Bortins is a nationally acclaimed educator, perhaps best known for her ability to demystify the fundamental tools of learning. As a teacher, author, and commentator, Leigh is credited with helping launch the “home-centered learning” education movement and developing the foremost classical homeschool curriculum written from a biblical worldview.

After earning a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan, Leigh worked in the aerospace industry before beginning her work as an educator. She also holds a Doctorate of Ministry degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Hamilton, Massachusetts.

Having taught study skills for 30 years to children and adults, Leigh has written several books, including The Core, The Question, and The Conversation, a series that explores the classical trivium from a parent’s perspective. She has also authored complete K–12 curriculum guides for parents and homeschool tutors across the globe as the founder and chief visionary officer of Classical Conversations, Inc.

Leigh homeschooled her four boys with her husband, Robert. It was in this undertaking that she experienced the time-tested privilege of learning by the classical method and found a way to promote the fundamentals of education and exercise critical thinking skills.

She is currently completing the development of a math curriculum called The Math Map, mapping the structure of K–12 math from a classical, Christian perspective.

Leigh and Robert Bortins, their children, and their grandchildren live near Pinehurst, North Carolina.


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