Buddy Robinson, a.k.a. “Uncle Robbie,” has spent most of his life teaching children. A gifted speaker, singer, and storyteller, he incorporates humor, drama, energy, and suspense into his sessions.

Personal Information

Currently Uncle Robbie serves in an adjunct role under the ministry of Answers in Genesis. He facilitates AiG’s Seven C’s of History Children’s Program which is designed to equip elementary age children with a big picture overview of biblical history starting with Genesis and ending with Revelation. The program is a high-energy, activity-filled, and interactive learning experience guaranteed to captivate and inspire your children in their relationship with our Creator God.

Uncle Robbie communicates well with any age group from preschool to adults. In addition, you might consider “Uncle Robbie” to minister to your group through vacation Bible school, family or youth camps and retreats, youth conferences and seminars, and adult teacher training programs. He can tailor his sessions to any size group and still maintain valued attention to the individual.

Uncle Robbie earned masters degrees in both education and Bible. He has taught at the elementary, high school, and college levels. His ministry experience includes serving as a children’s pastor, youth director, and music minister. In addition, his wife April travels with him when she is available. She, too, is a gifted speaker who has experience teaching at the preschool, elementary, and college levels.


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