Renee Hodge

Renee Hodge

Administrator at Answers Academy

Renee earned her BSN from Bob Jones University (BJU) and worked as an RN for five years. As much as she loved nursing, her heart was always with the ministry of Answers in Genesis. She joined the staff of AiG in 2004 and worked as the executive assistant to the CEO for 15 years. The Lord gave Renee a passion for Christian education, which led her to found and launch Answers Academy in 2017, a strong, biblical-worldview, apologetic school. The school board asked Renee to stay on as the administrator permanently, and the school has become a subsidiary of Answers in Genesis. Since then, she has obtained an MS degree in educational leadership from BJU. Renee is mother to four school-aged children, who are enrolled in Answers Academy, and is married to Bodie Hodge, AiG speaker, author, and researcher.


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