Dr. Kristin Bird

Dr. Kristin Bird

Education Advisor

Dr. Kristin Bird lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and three girls. She received a fine and performing arts undergraduate degree from Chatham University, where she focused on both music and biology. Her master’s degree in teaching is from the University of Pittsburgh, with a concentration in elementary education. She completed her dissertation on parental involvement in online Christian schools for her PhD in curriculum and instructional leadership. She has served in a variety of roles, including elementary education professor at Bible colleges, elementary education program coordinator and student teacher supervisor, and Principal for Sevenstar Academy (an online Christian school). She joined Renewanation in July 2017 to start new Christian schools and revitalize existing struggling schools. In addition, she consults with other Christian schools and educational organizations to provide teacher professional development, mentoring, accountability, and coaching toward state compliance and accreditation. She supports Christian education as a speaker, teacher mentor, and a strong voice for the cause of biblical worldview education. She currently holds an Ohio PK–5 teaching license, a K–12 intervention specialist license in Ohio, a Kentucky Rank 1 PK–5 teacher license, and a Director of Curriculum & Instruction PK–12 license in Indiana.

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