Colin Analco

Colin Analco

Translator, Deaf Missions

Colin Analco works at Deaf Missions as an ASLV (America Sign Language Version) Translator. He finished the translation for book of Proverbs in summer of 2018 and is currently working on the book of Ezekiel. Prior to being an ASLV translator, he performed for the professional theater company, Synetic Theater, in Arlington, VA. He also worked at the Indiana School for the Deaf where he directed “Grease” with middle and high school students. Colin travels to a variety of schools and universities around the country to perform, present, and teach about ASL Literature, translation, and theater. He currently dwells in Bellevue, NE along with his beautiful wife (June), two wonderful daughters (Chasity, Briana), and one adorable toddler son (Tarak).


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