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Patricia Engler

Author and AiG Speaker

Patricia Engler is a Christian apologetics speaker, author, and podcast host for Answers in Genesis (AiG). After 12 years of homeschool and a B.Sc. degree, she backpacked 360° around the world in 180 days documenting how Christian students keep their faith at university. The top takeaways from this research are available in Patricia’s book, Prepare to Thrive: A Survival Guide for Christian Students.

A series of “God stories” resulted in Patricia joining AiG–Canada as a speaker, writer, and youth outreach coordinator before transferring to AiG–US in 2022. The same year, she also embarked on a second backpacking journey, this time to research Marxism’s history and consequences in Europe. Both backpacking trips formed the basis for separate teaching series available on Patricia’s blog.

Along with blogging and speaking, Patricia serves as an Answers News panelist, co-hosts AiG’s new podcast for young adults, Zero Compromise, and is pursuing an MA in Bioethics to help Christians think biblically about sanctity of life issues and emerging technologies.

In her spare time, Patricia can often be found adventuring outdoors, exploring back roads, sketching, reading, or playing the ukulele.

  • Patricia Red River Gorge

    Patricia exploring the natural arches of Red River Gorge

  • Patricia backpacking

    Backpacking in Canada, moments before the "cliffhanger" adventure described in chapter eight of Prepare to Thrive

You can follow her stories and get connected through social media (@pengeraig).

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