God's Bible School and College Choir and Orchestra

The college choir and orchestra from God’s Bible School & College (GBSC), in Cincinnati, Ohio, are the long-standing traveling ensembles of an institution with a long history of training men and women to proclaim the gospel of Christ around the world. Both ensembles function academically within the Division of Music but also act as public relations groups for the college, traveling nationally on weekends and on week-long tours. The ensembles mostly perform separately in concerts, events, and religious services, but on occasion, they come together for larger events. Combined events include the annual three-day musical Christmas drama performed on GBSC’s campus and in the Answers Center at the Ark Encounter, the National Day of Prayer at the courthouse in Cincinnati, and an interchurch convention held annually in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The ensembles are delighted to join AiG in welcoming students from around the country and look forward to seeing you there. More information about GBSC can be found at www.gbs.edu.

God's Bible School and College Choir and Orchestra


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