Philip Webb

Philip Webb

Director of Hymns of Grace, International Classical Tenor

Philip Webb is an American tenor who received critical acclaim after launching his career in operatic and classical music. In 1993, after nearly twelve years as a church music minister, Webb was encouraged by Giorgio Tozzi, a renowned bass, to pursue a career in opera. He immediately embarked on an intensive program of studies and training. In the fall of 1993, he began studying vocal technique with one of the best-known vocal teachers of her day, Margaret Harshaw, formerly of the Metropolitan Opera and the Indiana School of Music. In 2001, he began a series of studies with the internationally acclaimed Verdian tenor Carlo Bergonzi in Busseto, Italy.

Philip is also very active in sacred music, as he grew up the son of a Baptist pastor from Liberty, Missouri. Music and singing were at the forefront of his daily life at home and in church, shaping his future in operatic singing.


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