Tanya Polstra

Tanya Polstra

Executive Director of Deaf Kids Connect

Tanya Polstra is Executive Director of Deaf Kids Connect. She has worked with Deaf children with disabilities for over eight years during her early career. Tanya holds an MA in disabilities studies with an emphasis on policy and ministry from California Baptist University in Riverside, California.

Tanya was in International Service Projects serving Deaf people overseas in different regions in Asia and South America. She is known for her passion, strength, determination, and tenacity. Tanya has completed several courses that shaped her into who she is today: Deafhood 101 and 102, Perspective on the World Christian Movement, and Vineyard Deaf Ministries.

Tanya and her husband have three children. She has a huge passion for teaching theology to Deaf people, explaining how the Deaf are made in God’s image, traveling, and adventures. She enjoys reading books, hiking, and running marathons.


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