Tommye Hammel

Tommye Hammel

Author, Speaker

Tommye Hammel attended Bible study at Precept from its beginnings, and when the first Precept Upon Precept® course, Romans, was offered in 1975, she was eager to know God and how to study his Word. Others recognized her spiritual gifts and recruited her to lead Bible studies, which she has continued to this day at her church and at Precept. Tommye has now led every Precept Upon Precept study published and is an integral part of the team that develops courses. She authors the leader guides for Precept Upon Precept and In & Out studies and has trained hundreds of Bible study leaders around the world both in the Precept Bible study method and in how to lead effective discussions. Because of her deep knowledge of God through a lifetime of studying the Bible and living out its message, she is also a featured speaker at Precept Women’s conferences in Chattanooga and is sought after as a speaker at conferences internationally.


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