Monica Cline

Monica Cline

Founder and President of It Takes a Family

Monica Leal Cline is the founder and president of It Takes a Family. She has previously had the unique opportunity of being a comprehensive sex educator and Title X (family planning) training manager. She was trained by the LGBTQ community and Planned Parenthood. Her career in comprehensive sex education (CSE) and Title X training management lasted over a decade. However, she learned from her “mentors” that serving the marginalized meant only “meeting them where they’re at” and then just leaving them there. It was a combination of this philosophy, her experience in the community, her conversion to Christianity, and her personal story that prompted her to deeply question abortion, comprehensive sex education, and how to serve families and children best.

She now delivers a powerful message to parents, encouraging them to be the leading voice in their children’s lives regarding marriage, sex, identity, and healthy relationships. The voice of Christian family values must be stronger in our children’s lives than the voice of the world.

Monica’s mission is to help parents strengthen their home and community leadership. The great success and stability of any nation is the health and strength of the family. Monica believes it takes a family to raise strong children, build healthy communities, and form a great nation.


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