Jonathan and Emily Martin

Jonathan and Emily Martin

Artists, Singers, Songwriters, Worship Leaders

In their own words, Jonathan and Emily Martin are a “short, traveling musical family.” They like to refer to themselves as “travel sized,” which is perfect because they have spent the last seven years traveling the country and leading worship and sharing the songs they write.

Their ministry is called The Word in Worship, and their passion is to write songs out of what God is teaching them through the Word. With the belief that God’s Word is beautiful, powerful, life-giving, and helpful, Jonathan and Emily love to use their craft of songwriting and singing to re-communicate the beauty that they discover in the Word of God. Many might make the mistake of believing that God’s Word is dull and boring; it’s Jonathan and Emily’s mission to awaken, through song, an awe of the God who makes himself known to us through his Word.

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