Avery Foley Schu

Avery Foley Schu

Producer of Schus Off!, Writer, and Speaker

Avery Foley Schu is a writer and speaker for Answers in Genesis. Together with her husband, Trevor, and four children, Avery writes, produces, and stars in children’s content for Answers TV, including Schus Off! and Building Blocks. Originally from Ontario, Canada, she holds an MA in theological studies from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. In her free time, Avery loves baking, reading Lucy Maud Montgomery and Jane Austen novels, and exploring God’s creation with her kids.

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  • Avery Foley
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    The Schus are off on an exploration in God’s creation! Join Trevor and Avery Schu, along with their kids, as they meet some incredible creatures and discover basic creation and biblical truths. Watch on Answers.tv or buy the Season 1 DVD!


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