Levi Sherman

Levi Sherman

Speaker and Living History Coordinator

Levi Sherman’s interest in history began when he was five years old, and his mother took him to see a small Civil War reenactment near their home in Florida. Unable to afford the ever-more elaborate costumes he wanted to play in, he was forced to learn how to sew his own clothes and make his own historical toys. This turned into a pursuit of historical crafts and trades that would eventually lead to his employment at Answers in Genesis. He began serious historical reenactment in 2008 when he was fourteen, and now studies and frequently reenacts characters from seven different time periods.

After a few years of working on various Christian and historical films, Levi began working at Answers in Genesis in 2015 as an exhibit artist for the Ark Encounter.

Levi currently serves as a researcher for Answers in Genesis’ first-century exhibits and coordinates Answers in Genesis’ Living History programs.


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