Jonathan is a second-generation global worker asking God for a gospel movement within an often overlooked and sometimes neglected people group, the Deaf. Born to Deaf parents (yes, that means he is a CODA. No, his childhood was not exactly like what was portrayed in the movie by the same name), Jonathan’s first language is American Sign Language. Before his family moved to Mexico, Jonathan spent his childhood in Jacksonville where he learned to cheer for the Gators and most often lament the Jaguars. He and his wife of 18 years, Michelle, met in Bible college, where she was studying to become a sign language interpreter. Together, they have served in various ministry roles and worked in the interpreting field for almost 20 years. Through several divine appointments, as God began to form the Deaf team at Converge, God made the next steps clear, and they were appointed as Converge missionaries in September 2020. Jonathan and Michelle have three kids, one by way of international adoption.


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