Calvin Farley

Calvin Farley

Apologist Speaker, Deaf Genesis Apologetics

Calvin Farley has worked as a lecturer of the ASL education, deaf education, and educational interpreting programs in the Department of Theory & Practice in Teacher Education since 2017. He received an BS degree from East Tennessee State University in digital media: visualization. He also earned an MS degree from the University of Tennessee in teacher education (American Sign Language teaching). He is the moderator of ASL POP that brings the ASL students to the Deaf community and Deaf-led & ASL events in East Tennessee. He is on the committee of Strategic Planning Teachers and Staff. Also, he is an active member of a few Deaf-led organizations in Knoxville and American Sign Language Teacher Association. Calvin serves as a biblical apologist speaker and has presented at various seminar, workshops, and churches across the United States and Canada. He enjoys being a husband, a father, hiking, playing chess, and video games. He also enjoys discussing the Bible and why it is true with friends.


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