Debate Answers

on February 11, 2014

During the debate Bill Nye presented many statements and asked many questions. Because of the nature of the event, Ken Ham was often not able to respond directly to many of these statements.

However, the majority of Nye’s statements and questions have been addressed on our website or by other organizations who teach a young-earth creation. Here is a sampling of articles, videos, audios, books, and other resources.

Note: several of these articles are technical in nature.

Watch the post-debate discussion between Dr. Georgia Purdom and Ken Ham.

Animal Migration

Animals and Carnivory


Bad Evolutionary Arguments


Big Bang

Canyon Creation

Climate Change

Consciousness from Matter

Coral Reefs

Creation, Flood, and Babel Legends

Creation Account

Creation Scientists

Dinosaur Extinction

Distant Starlight

Dominion Mandate

Evidence Is Subject to Interpretation






Human Evolution

Human History and the Flood

Ice Cores

Lake Missoula


Morality, Sanctity of Life

Natural Selection

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Care of the Animals

Nuclear Medical Technologist Schools in Kentucky

Mr. Nye criticized the lack of undergraduate programs in nuclear medicine in Kentucky. The Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology (JRCNMT) currently lists one accredited program in the state.

One Human Race

Origin of Life

Plants and the Flood

Plate Tectonics

Polystrate Fossils


Radio Astronomy

Radiometric Dating

Religious People Who Do Not Accept Evolution

Reversal of Earth’s Magnetic Field

Science—The Process of Science (discovery of new ideas, especially those that challenge prevailing opinion)

Science—What Is It?

Scopes Trial

Sea Floor Spreading

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Second Law of Thermodynamics

Speciation After the Flood

Survival of the Fittest


Tree Rings


Young Earth/Universe


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