Evolution is the supposed process by which the first cell evolved into the diversity of life we see today. Natural selection and mutations are considered its driving force. However, evolution has never been observed and natural selection and mutations cannot add the information necessary to change one kind into another.

The Origin of Life

Operational, experimental science has never demonstrated life randomly evolving from non-living elements. In fact, such an occurrence would violate the most fundamental observable law of biology: life comes from life, not from non-life. But another show-stopper for abiogenesis would be a lack of power.

Natural Selection and Evolution

When discussing natural selection as a possible mechanism for evolution, it is important to define both terms. Evolutionists and biblical creationists view these terms differently, but it comes down to how we interpret the evidence in light of our foundation. Do we view natural selection using God’s Word as our foundation, or do we use man’s truth as our foundation?

Is Evolution Good Science?

Some evolutionists have argued that science isn’t possible without evolution. They teach that science and technology actually require the principles of molecules-to-man evolution in order to work. But without uniformity in nature, predictions would be impossible, and science could not exist. The problem for evolutionism is that such regularity only makes sense in a biblical creation worldview.

The Scopes Trial

The Scopes “monkey trial” of Dayton, Tennessee, in 1925, plays a unique role in the modern creation–evolution controversy. Hollywood’s Inherit the Wind was a dramatic retelling of the event that distorted many of the basic facts, with those distortions uniformly weakening the creationist position. But taught properly, the Bible-believing student can face science class confidently prepared to learn about and critically analyze evolutionary theories.

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