Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham

on February 4, 2014

Watch Bill Nye debate Ken Ham on whether creation is a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era.

Debate Answers

During the debate Bill Nye presented many statements and asked many questions. Because of the nature of the event, Ken Ham was often unable to respond directly to many of these statements.

However, the majority of Nye’s statements and questions have been addressed on our website or by other organizations who teach a young-earth creation. As the video plays, this box will feature a sampling of articles, videos, books, and other resources to help you get answers. Or you can make a selection from the drop-down menu above to get answers about a topic of your choice.

Note: several of these articles are technical in nature.

Prof. Stuart Burgess

Grand Canyon Sequence

Dr. Danny Faulkner

Prof. Stuart Burgess

Evolution and Creation Both Have Same Evidence

Lenski’s E. coli Experiments

7 C’s of History

Image of God

Nuclear Medical Technologist Schools in Kentucky

Mr. Nye criticized the lack of undergraduate programs in nuclear medicine in Kentucky. The Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology (JRCNMT) currently lists one accredited program in the state.

Mt. St. Helen’s Lava Dome

First Law of Thermodynamics, Information, Time

Image of God

Models May Be Wrong

Dating of Meteorites Dates Earth

How Do We Know that the Bible Is True?

“There Is a Book . . .”

There were many defining moments in the historic debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky. For Ken Ham, one of those defining moments came when Bill Nye twice referred to origins as a “great mystery.” Each time, Ken Ham responded by saying, “There is a book . . .” Of course that book is the Bible, God’s Word, which gives us answers to the skeptical questions of the age.

Was there a defining moment that stood out to you during the debate? If not, it’s not too late! Your defining moment could be leading an outreach or just diving in to learn more so you can be ready to defend your faith. Your defining moment might even be receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Whatever that moment is for you, we would love for you to get connected with us and share your experience.


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