Muslims—Creationists’ Friend?

on March 1, 2010
Featured in Answers Magazine

The media’s attention on the growing creationist movement turned to Turkey late last year. Muslim countries have largely rejected evolution, Turkey in particular.*

A creationist movement is growing in Turkey. But it doesn’t point to the Creator of the Bible.

While on one hand it is heartening to learn that Turkish scientists and other Muslims are holding conferences and writing books that call evolution into question and promote the idea of a creator, Christians must consider the aim of Muslim creationism. Some very good science may result from Muslim efforts, just as much good science has resulted from humanistic efforts. But recognizing a creator who is not the Creator of the Bible will bring a person no closer to the only One whom to know is life eternal.

Christians must not uncritically take the position of the Middle-Eastern proverb “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” We should resist any challenge to the authority of the Bible, whether it comes from a Muslim creationist or an atheist evolutionist. At the same time we should recognize that both atheists and Muslims need Christ, and our enemy is neither the evolutionist nor the Muslim, but the master deceiver, Satan.

* For example, “In Turkey, Fertile Ground for Creationism,” Washington Post, November 8, 2009

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