The Elusive Okapi

Images of the okapi in the wild remained nonexistent—until 2008. The okapi remind us that today’s animals are descended from the original created kinds in Genesis and that their elusive nature reminds us that some creatures may have avoided human contact for years, which would help explain stories of dinosaur-like creatures even in the past millennium.

Angry Birds

The well-known fact that hormones affect behavior is the basis, of course, for such practices as the gelding of animals. A recent study showed that wild junco birds with high levels of mRNA for several hormones, like testosterone, demonstrated more aggressive behavior toward birds of the same sex. The researchers believe their results help explain the evolution of aggressive behavior.

Animal Intelligence?

Many animals are endowed with remarkable and interesting abilities, and evolutionists contend that humans are just smart animals. But the Bible reveals how and why human beings possess not only the ability to express and understand original abstract thoughts through language but also the ability to know—and be accountable to—their Creator.

Hybrid Animals in the Wild

A National Geographic News story discusses how a growing number of “hybrid species” have been observed in the wild. Reading about such interbreeding species is a reminder that the representatives of each kind from Noah’s Ark contained the genetic information to repopulate the earth, leading to the species we see today.

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