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What Is RSS?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and is a popular way for websites to syndicate (distribute) their content. The process works like this:

  1. You subscribe to one of our RSS feeds.
  2. Answers in Genesis publishes content in an item on the website.
  3. The item is immediately sent to your RSS reader.

If you subscribe to our daily article RSS feed, for instance, the daily article will automatically be sent to you each day. Subscribing to an RSS feed is free and most modern RSS feed readers (programs or websites that organize your RSS subscriptions) are easy to use.

How Do I Subscribe to an RSS Feed?

To view an RSS feed such as our daily article feed, you'll need to use a program or website account that can receive and read RSS. Most email programs and web browsers have the ability to read RSS feeds built-in. However, the most popular method for viewing RSS feeds is through RSS feed readers. There are many RSS feed readers available for all computer platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, and so on), but many people now opt for Internet-based readers, as these are available for almost every operating system and are easy to access.

Once you have decided which method works best for you, all you will need is the URL for the selected feed to which you would like to subscribe. The feed reader will give you instructions for subscribing to an RSS feed, but most simply require you to paste the URL into a subscription box. In addition, some Internet-based feed readers will provide a browser button that allows you to subscribe to a feed simply by clicking that button.


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