Live-birth or Eggs?

Evolutionists aren’t joking when they ask, “What came first, the live-birth or the egg?” Evolutionists generally consider the egg-laying mode of reproduction to be more primitive than live-bearing. If egg-laying really is more primitive, then where are all the early egg-laying mammals?

The Platypus—Egg Laying Mammal?

The platypus has perplexed scientists since its discovery by Europeans in the late 18th century. There is nothing in the fossil record to indicate that the platypus was ever anything other than a platypus. It is not a living “transitional” form. It is a truly unique creature, and one that continues to baffle those who insist on making it fit into an evolutionary tree.

Apes and Tools

While apes are skilled tool-users, their skills are generally no better than the abilities of some birds, dolphins, and some elephants. As creationists, we know that the anatomical similarities between man and ape are the result not of a common ancestor, but of a common Creator. Furthermore, man was made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26–27).

The Cat Kind

Whether it’s a fierce tiger basking in the sunshine or a fun-loving tomcat crouched and waiting to play with its owner, one of the most beautiful of God’s creatures is the cat. Big or small, roaring or purring, cats possess unique characteristics: they are meticulous groomers, they love to slink, pounce, and play, and they are independent.

The Dog Kind

The originally created canine, like all kinds of creatures, was created to reproduce after its kind. The canine genome originally created by God has provided the raw material for an innumerable variety of canines, but they are all still canines. No evolution in the molecules-to-man sense was required to produce dog diversity.

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