Animal Behavior

What Doesn’t Animal Behavior Tell Us?

It is important to avoid seeing animal abilities and behavior as evidence for an unverifiable evolutionary past. Evolutionary thinking pretends we humans are just animals, not accountable to God or responsible to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Creator and Redeemer.

Animal Intelligence

God created many different kinds of animals that are highly intelligent. Animal cleverness isn’t a legacy of evolution. Even while we appreciate the intelligence God gave animals and marvel at their capabilities, we should remember that humans are different from animals in one important way: we were created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27).

Electrical Charges Direct Bees to Nectar

How do bees know which flowers to visit to load up on nectar? Which flowers have already been plundered? A team from the U.K.’s University of Bristol believes the attraction is electrical. God created plants and animals able to reproduce successfully, so we can conclude He created them with these symbiotic relationships, or with the ability to adapt to form them.

Unexpectedly Vegetarian Animals—What Does it Mean?

At the beginning of creation, there was no death and animals were created to be vegetarian. But people often claim that animals like spiders, birds of prey, and cats could not possibly have survived as vegetarians. Is such a claim true?

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