Aquatic Animals

Deep Sea Creatures Produce Light

Light is essential for most animals’ survival—finding food, avoiding danger, and locating a mate. Deep-sea animals possess lights for all these purposes; and in fact, some creatures are equipped with several different lighting systems. These lights are beautiful reminders that God has conquered the darkness through Christ.

Coral Reef Growth Rates Faster Than Believed?

The Indian Ocean tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people several years ago also destroyed many of the coral reefs of Indonesia. These reefs are bouncing back with surprising speed, showing how quickly life can recover from a catastrophe.

Was a Plesiosaur Carcass Found?

If we did find a plesiosaur today, would that really be enough to convince an evolutionist? As much as some would like to believe that a modern-day plesiosaur has been found, there really is no good evidence at this time. This argument is one more that we believe Christians should not use.

The Portuguese Man-of-war

Each man-of-war is a collection of four types of animals. These animals are called zooids and they make up a colony. Each zooid has a different role in the life of the colony. But how did these distinct, yet connected animals ever learn to function together?

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