Creepy Crawlies

Beetles—Go Anywhere, Do Anything

Our Maker shows that He can create immense variety from one basic body design. Like living versions of the popular Transformers, the beetles’ basic body parts can be altered to serve radically different purposes.

Communicating Ants

Ants’ advanced communication abilities enable several species of ants to maintain complex social organizations. So complex are some of these societies that they have been dubbed superorganisms. Their sophisticated networking abilities point to the Great Communicator, Jesus Christ, who designed creation to reflect His attributes (Romans 1:20).

Helpful Honey Bees

Bees are extremely important to us, though we tend to take them for granted. Indeed, nearly one-third of the food on our plates comes from plants pollinated by bees, and honey and beeswax are multi-billion-dollar industries.

Scary Scorpions

The scorpion is a vivid reminder of the Curse and the deadly consequences of our sin against a holy and just God. Scorpions rank very high on the creep scale. With their large pincers on one end, a long, curving, stinging tail on the other, their intimidating ninja pose, and their frightening name, it’s no wonder they strike fear.

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