Two ingenious design features make the alligator a fearsome predator as he chases fish, birds, and small mammals. But alligators were not always meat-eaters. Like other predators in this now-fallen world, they continue to remind us about the Curse caused by Adam’s sin.

Turtles in the Winter

Box turtles truly take “hibernation” to another level. What special provision enables these four-legged tanks to endure subzero weather in such woefully shallow burrows? The answer sounds almost like science fiction. God equipped them with antifreeze!

Legs on a Snake?

A leg on a snake would not be a truly novel genetic feature, since there is evidence that the snake genome once had the information to produce legs. The leglessness of snakes today represents a corruption, loss, or deactivation of that information.

Chameleons: Walking Bug-Zappers

Stealth. Patience. Vigilance. Slowly the hunter moves unseen among the branches. His independently rotating eyes constantly scan the leafy canopy in every direction. No insect is safe within striking distance of his infamous weapon—a fast-acting and deadly accurate catapulting tongue. Aided by his steady grip and excellent vision, the chameleon is always ready to seize unsuspecting prey.

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