Beautiful Butterflies

Butterflies are found worldwide. They live on every continent, except Antarctica, and in many diverse environments. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and their colors span the rainbow. Like flowers in flight, butterflies manifest the artwork of God across the globe.

Fire-loving Beetle

The Melanophila beetle is one of many creatures that actually hunt for fires. Its name means “black-loving” because the beetle likes freshly burned, blackened wood, where the female lays her eggs. Often the charred wood is still hot and smoldering when the beetles arrive.

Amazing Ants

Ants have taken over the world, it seems, but they didn’t do it alone! One reason they’re so successful is their ability to communicate with each other—where to go, what to watch out for, how to help.

Bee Scouts

Bee scouts seek out new flowers and new sources of food. But what motivates a bee scout? What makes her take risks, explore the unfamiliar, unselfishly bring back news of her discoveries and set out again to spend herself for the sake of the hive?

Articles About Insects


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