World Missions

Evangelism in Russia

People from different cultures really are the same all over the world. They ask the same questions about origins, and most have been brainwashed with evolution/millions of years, just as we have in the U.S.

Outreach in Arabic

Through some special ministry friends, AiG has helped produce the first (to our knowledge) creation-apologetics books in Arabic. To help kick-start this Arabic outreach, we sent AiG speaker Dr. Terry Mortenson to Egypt recently to speak at what apparently was the first biblical creation seminar ever to be held in that nation.

The Printed Word Still Reaches People

Gospel literature is still effective in numerous ways. It is able to reach countries that are closed to missionaries. In countries where nationals get in trouble for talking with Christians, tracts can be distributed and read in private. And they can be easily passed around—an average of seven people read the same gospel tract.

Articles About World Missions


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