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So-Called Bible 'Contradictions'

Many people have the impression that the Bible is simply an outdated book of fairytales and contradictions. We are told that biblical stories are fine for children, and perhaps they even contain some moral value. “But, surely” says the critic, “such stories cannot be taken seriously in our modern age of science and technology. After all, there are too many Bible contradictions." Or so they say.

Explaining Supposed Contradictions

“How can you believe a book that’s full of contradictions?” If you actively witness for Christ, it won’t take long before you hear these words. Are you prepared to give an answer?

Genesis 1 and 2 Contradictory?

This claim goes that there are two creation accounts: Genesis 1 and 2 give different accounts. In chapter 1, man and woman are created at the same time after the creation of the animals. In chapter 2, the animals are created after people.

Snakes Eat Dust?

Some people try to discredit Genesis by saying snakes don’t eat dust, as Genesis 3:14 claims and that, therefore, the Bible is in error. Do snakes really eat dust like Genesis says?

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