Transformation in London



For the 2012 Olympic Games in London, nearly one square mile (2.5 km2) of industrial land has been transformed into a park-like green space. But Bible-believing Christians worldwide hope to see greater transformation still, with the spread of God’s saving message that begins in Genesis.

For the past several games, Answers Worldwide (the missionary arm of Answers in Genesis) has led teams of evangelists to share the gospel with the athletes and spectators, distributing creation-based resources as a conversation starter. Their efforts in Athens in 2004 saw over 250 people profess faith in Christ and thousands more receive Bible-upholding resources—and that was just the short-term impact.

“We have the opportunity to witness to thousands . . .”

According to Dr. David Crandall, international director of Answers Worldwide, London could be the biggest opportunity yet. “These historic games will bring together athletes and fans from over two hundred countries. We have the opportunity to witness to thousands and distribute over 150,000 copies of our eight-language booklets.”

London’s new green space is certainly a marvelous achievement, as will be the athletic performances. But lives transformed by the good news about Christ will go far beyond gold medals—guaranteeing eternal reward (1 Corinthians 9:25).

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April – June 2012

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