Refuting Evolution Overseas

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Evolution is taught virtually everywhere as fact. I saw this again first hand as I traveled to Ukraine, Russia and Canada last fall. The brainwashing has been thorough, but thankfully many people are willing to reconsider—especially if they are reached through “creation evangelism,” which has been shown to be as effective overseas as it has been here.

In Ukraine and Russia I spoke 31 times in 13 days! In addition, I had a lengthy interview on a Russian TV station for a 3-part series that was aired in December all across Russia. The host wanted to hear not only scientific but also Biblical answers to her questions about Darwin’s theory, Noah’s Flood and dinosaurs.

Wherever I went, I explained how the Bible provides the true history of the world. Its history is foundational to its theology and morality, and all of our thinking must conform to God’s Word. A seasoned missionary in Moscow, after one of my talks, wrote:

“Almost everyone here suffers from living under this philosophy [of evolution]. Among other things, it keeps them from believing that God’s Word is credible. The great darkness here means that your light shines all the brighter.

“As I mentioned to you, we’ve seen young people saved as a direct result of learning that creation is a serious, scientific and rational point of view. I’m sure that your sowing will bear fruit here in Russia.”

To help others spread the Creation/Gospel message even further, I gave copies of my special Russian CD-ROM to five Christian leaders when I left. Each CD contained all the full-color Russian overhead transparencies that I used in my lectures. They were thrilled to be better equipped to speak on these vital subjects.

One of them, a dynamic young pastor and director of a seminary, wrote: “This seminar on creation that you’ve beautifully organized had a great impact on my life and the lives of my students. Thank you so-o-o-o much! God bless you!”

In Canada, I had the privilege to speak in a church—and also debate an evolutionary paleontologist at a secular university. The pastor of the church candidly admitted:

“Of particular help was the issue of ‘pre-Fall’ death [see The “god” of an Old Earth], which I had never considered before, and it has forced me to rework my ideas.

“I would say that I was one that saw Genesis 1 as a theological framework for understanding God the Creator and the design of the cosmos without being necessarily a descriptive passage of the details of Creation. I was wrong.

“I was impressed by the approach [AiG takes] of pointing out that the way we interpret the facts is determined by the presuppositions with which we view them. Very helpful in this Post-Modern age.”

This is what AiG is all about: around the world, helping restore Christians” confidence in and submission to God’s holy, inerrant Word, but also confronting non-believers with the lie of evolution and the truth of the Gospel—which is based on the foundational historical truths of Genesis 1-11.

To host one of Dr Mortenson’s presentations in your church or local college (which could include debating an evolutionist), call Mary at ext. 403 (859-727-2222) or fill out our on-line questionnaire.


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