Genesis Is Foundational

Genesis is about more than the T. rex and trilobites. Genesis establishes the basic parameters of living on God’s Earth according to His precepts in His Word. It sets forth the Creator’s design and instruction for all that is, including humanity.

Is the Genesis Account Another Creation Myth?

The existence of other creation myths actually lends strength to our case rather than weakening it. It shows that other cultures knew the truth of creation, but their stories have been altered from the correct biblical version over the centuries.

The Genesis Gap Theory

Proponents of the gap theory have reinterpreted Scripture to try to make it fit the idea of millions of years. The gap theory does not rest upon the impregnable rock of Holy Scripture but is founded upon the shifting sands of the ideas of those who want to believe the evolutionary teaching of millions of years.

What About the Geneologies?

A common argument against young-earth creationism is that gaps exist in the genealogies listed in the fifth and tenth chapters of Genesis. The old-earth proponent assumes that if gaps exist, then one cannot claim to know an approximate age of the earth based on biblical data.

From Genesis to the Gospel

The fall of mankind, the entrance of sin, and the need for Christ to die for us originated in Genesis 3. Would we expect to see Christ there? Absolutely, but perhaps more than you realize.

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