“Creation Evangelism” Spreading in Jamaica


Christians seeking to share their faith are encountering ‘road blocks’ from those who have been taught things like ‘Genesis is myth’, ‘evolution is true’, or ‘the two can co-exist harmoniously’.

In countries around the world, Christians seeking to share their faith are encountering “road blocks” from those who have been taught things like “Genesis is myth,” “evolution is true,” or “the two can co-exist harmoniously.” Answers in Genesis is committed to helping Christians remove these “road blocks” and witness effectively by providing them with solid answers to refute the challenges presented by evolutionarily-indoctrinated cultures, thus upholding the authority of God’s Word.

We have provided many books, videos and other materials to missionaries in such diverse countries as Mexico, the Philippines, South Africa, Japan, Peru, Brazil, Columbia, Cuba, Chile, Honduras, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, India, Albania, and Jamaica (some materials are even available in the native languages of these countries!).

We recently reported on a young man, Devon Linton, who understands the need for responding to the evolutionary falsehoods and has a passion for sharing the Creation/Gospel message in his own country of Jamaica. Because Pastor Linton has shared this message and AiG materials with his Jamaican colleagues, two Answers in Genesis speakers have been invited to speak at an annual apologetics program1 there. In November of 2001, Carl Kerby and Ken Ham will speak on the theme: Genesis: Scientific/Biblical Problems & Solutions. They will encourage and assist the participants in this program to cultivate “a deeper appreciation of the value of Genesis for understanding issues such as the age of the Earth, creationism vs. evolutionism, the scope and scientific implications of the Flood, etc’.

These opportunities all came about simply because an AiG board member, Carl Kerby, was willing to do more than just vacation on his vacation a few years ago. Following are extracts from his letter on his experiences….

Sharing the Gospel in Jamaica

“After speaking at Pastor Hervil Willie’s Independence Hall Baptist church, one of the deacons came up and shook my hand. He held my hand so warmly and repeated over and over that I had to promise to come back and share with them again. I was VERY touched. “I shared with the students at Fairview Baptist College how we need to ‘Start Our Thinking From the Bible’. These future pastors really responded. One young church planter stayed and spoke with me for over an hour after the talk. As we shared, he said over and over again, ‘This is what I want to teach. We need this material so badly. This is the truth!’ God really impressed on my heart how fortunate we are here in the United States and that we need be there to help those in other countries who are working so hard.

“Because of AiG’s desire to assist missionaries to spread the Creation/Gospel message, we were able to donate around 100 books to these pastors and to the Bible College. Having these books allows the pastors the opportunity to study for themselves, and then share with their people. And the leaders of the Bible College are looking forward to using the resources to train the next generation of pastors and teachers to preach God’s Word authoritatively.

“There was a huge demand for our overhead transparencies. Over and over again, pastors and future pastors asked me how they could obtain copies of our transparencies, wanting us to come back and teach them how to use these materials.

“I was invited back for two weeks in August to work in the Bible camp that the college holds every year. Pastor Willie has also asked that we come back and hold a joint meeting for a number of churches in the Montego Bay area.”

“Driving in Jamaica is quite an experience! The roads are very narrow, and the drivers are very aggressive. Watching the drivers pass on corners was something that I won’t soon forget.

“It is very disappointing to see the same problem exists in Jamaica that exists in many other parts of the world. AiG teaches people that they can trust the Bible from the very first verse, God’s Word is true history and we need to start our thinking from the Bible in order to have correct answers to the problems that this world is experiencing. But other American missionaries come in and share with them that the days of Genesis weren’t real days, death wasn’t a result of Adam’s sin, etc. Truly there is much work to be done.”

Carl Kerby


  1. This program is sponsored by the Institute for Leadership Development (Whole Life Ministries). Contact Reverend Chisholm by: 58 Half Way Tree Rd Kingston 10, Jamaica W.I. Phone: (876)754-8290, 754-8284/85 Fax: (876) 929-5768


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